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The Carol Burnett Show is one of Televisions greatest show's in history. Lasting 11 successful years starting in 1967 and ending in 1978 not without winning 25 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and 3 People's Choice Awards.

Carol Burnett and Friends was a syndicated, truncated version of The Carol Burnett Show, showing only the sketches.The show star's Carol Burnett and co-star's Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

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Carol Burnett DVD box set complete collection with all episodes

Carol Burnett and Friends

Sketches and parodies was the real crunch of watching the Carol Burnett show. Most of us loved the comedy features of Carol Burnett and the short movies of operas and soaps as well. Carol Burnett and friends was the name by which the show was renowned for most part of its life. The main characters of the show include Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and Vicky Lawrence. Went with the wind and Stomach Turns are two shows that will never be forgotten from the Carol Burnett show.

The show ended on March 29, 1968 and began on 11th September, 1967. The tally of its episodes has a healthy figure of 278 episodes. This is the reason why the show has gained so much popularity and is broadcasted on different channels several times on demand of people.

While watching the show you will witness many parts where you won't be able to stop your laughter because of the extreme hilarious nature of the show. Now the whole series is easily available on DVD everywhere. So now you can easily keep the great show in your cupboard and watch it whenever you want. All you have to do is visit the nearest audio and video store and ask for the Carol Burnett show. You can easily play these DVD's in your DVD player at home, Rom and gaming consoles such as PS2 and Xbox. You can enjoy the great laughter moment

70's was the peak time of this show and it enjoyed a great success during this time. All the performances made by everyone were of an exceptional quality which made the show a better program to watch as compared to watching other things being broadcasted on television. The sketches and the parody done by professionals was of mind blowing quality and this eventually made the show a huge success not only in America but in other parts of the world as well. People still like them if the show is being broadcasted on some channel. Some episodes of the show are unforgettable ones and I would love to see those episodes one more time.

The Carol Burnett Variety Show - A Comedy Show That Is Worth to Watch

If you are searching for great comedy TV shows which are composed of parodies and sketches, you may want to consider getting back with the old comedy TV programs such as The Carol Burnett Variety Show. This particular show became popular by showing spoofed soaps, TV shows, operas and even movies. This is definitely one great program that you will want to watch together with the entire family. It is one classic variety skit show and it is as well considered humorous during its time. The show itself earned Emmy Awards and is also a central element of the book she's written, This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection, which she describes as "a quasi-memoir".

This groundbreaking sketch comedy show ran from the year 1967up until the year 1978 on CBS and then won twenty-four Emmys. Prior to each and every show, Carol would come up on stage and inquire the producers to turn on the lights over the audience saying, "Let's bump up the lights." Carol adored this task of getting the show together every week completely from scratch, and then taping it two times before a variety of studio viewers. The classic skit "The Family" allowed Burnett and her team to strike gold where at its latter part spun off right into a famous TV program, "Mama's Family". Carol says that, nowadays, the closest thing that all of us have to The Carol Burnett Variety Show is no other than the Saturday Night Live!

This is one true humorous TV show in its simplest form that has touched the audiences through its parodies of films such as the "Went with the Wind"; TV shows such as the "As the Stomach Turns" and popular TV commercials as well during that time. This is actually a network TV show that successfully integrated characters which aroused controversy as well as won a great number of awards and even nominations.

The original cast member of the show Lyle Waggoner had to leave the series in 1974 to be able to pursue a different acting career in drama and in the following year became a cast in Wonder Woman. Vicky Lawrence was the only one who remained in the series of the TV shows entire run. Tim Conway on the other hand didn't become a regular cast in the series up until the later part of the show.

The Popular Queen of Variety Shows - Carol Burnett

Knowing that Carol Burnett has these great talents in writing, dancing, being a musician and a comedian, she was then labeled as the queen of variety shows. She also performed in various variety shows including the one she hosted herself in the CBS network more known as "The Carol Burnett Show". Her show had been very popular and was the best I American history during 1967 up until 1878. Since it has been very popular then, the show was then re-telecasted in 1997 and is then called Carol Burnett and Friends.

A few other variety shows of Carol Burnett consist of "The Garry Moore Shows" that has been telecasted through CBS during 1959 up until 1962. Carol developed her own humorous skills while doing work in "The Garry Moore Show" and also formulated a number of characters and particularly the charwoman persona that was appreciated most by the audience of the show. Considering the achievements of the Garry Moore show, the recognition of Carol Burnett also shifted quickly and later on proved helpful in a TV series "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall" , which was launched on 11 June 1962. For Carol's exceptional performance in a variety program, she then won an Emmy for the work she did in "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall" this was within the year 1963.

Carol then became an icon even from the first released episodes of "The Carol Burnett Show". The show itself was telecasted from September 11 1967 up until March 1969 via CBS network. Having a total of 278 episodes, the show aired for about 11 seasons. The show merely runs where the audiences get to participate by asking three to four questions during the show; as she gets to randomly choose the one to ask and then Carol gets to answer the question.

The Carol Burnett show, which is a popular variety show, is recognized for its simple parodies of commercials, films, and television series. The actual show ended up being a lot popular because of its sketches and was then later reedited and telecasted as Carol Burnett and Friends. The Carol Burnett show is one of the most well liked variety show of history and Carol Burnett showed her full potential and dedication throughout the making of her show.